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Offers property in Red Sea
Спрос | 14.05.2015, 13:17

Hi friends. Offers property in Hurghada. You know that you can purchased an apartments Hurghada from 10000$? You can buy a villa in Red Sea from 70 000 Euro. Rent an flat in Egypt from 250$ .

http://hurghada-home.com/ - real estate for sales

Large variety of complexes . Installment for house in Hurghada. The first payment of 20%. apartments on the beach.Come to our webpage.
Convenient searching for house. Large variety.
You can bought an real estate in Hurghada from your native city! We have video of all apartments in Egypt.
http://hurghada-home.com/map.html - rent 1 bedroom
Our realtors speak English. We work 24 hours.
offer house in Hurghada anytime.
Flat moneymaking enclosure. In Hurghada,warm all year round. Contact to us. We will find you an property fast.
Our services. Selection of apartments,consultation, deposit, leasehold, furniture, resale.
Please Write our real estate agency. We are market pacer. We know everything about real estate in Red Sea. Our Akar Real Estate is licensed.

Контактное лицо: WilliamHap E | Телефон: 123456
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